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Gold Cartilage helix hoop
Gold nose ring helix hoop

Honey Colour Bead 20g 14k Gold Filled Cartilage or Nose Seamless Hoop. 8mm 10mm

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Hoop pictured is 8mm

Each hoop has three honey colour glass seed beads. The beads are wrapped on to the hoop with 14k gold filled wire. The beads can be moved around the earring although they are tight so they don't slide around.

Available in:
•10mm hoop, 9mm inside diameter 
•8mm hoop, 7mm inside diameter

20g 0.8mm wire which is standard lobe piercing size.

Single hoop.

To insert just twist and then twist back once in the ear. Do not pull apart.

I make these to order. Each edge is rounded to ensure no sharp edges.